027: If I can do it… A message from a girl who used to get distracted by the wind

When I first started the Focused & Unstoppable podcast, I launched with the Let’s make it happen series and my goal was to share a message with the world of creative and ambitious women who had many dreams. Who’ve tried it all, but who’s own genius and power got in their way of achieving what they carried in their hearts every single day. Whether it was starting a business or writing a book.


The message was this:

I struggled for years to make my dreams happen but I finally found a way to bring my projects to the finish line so I’m gonna choose a new project and take you behind the scenes to show you how I do and I’m hoping to inspire you to join along so we could make something happen together!


In today’s episode, I update you on  my newly launched digital program the Sweet Focus System!


And I have a new message for my creative and ambitious dreamers (I couldn’t record this without bawling my eyes out!):

I’m just like you.


I’ve dreamed my dreams for a long time.


But now, I’ve finally found a way to make them happen.


I worked a lot on myself to get there and I thought about you my whole journey.


Along the way, I learned that we can still have fun and be fun without the chaos.


(You know what I’m talking about. Lol)


I learned that our dreams are soo worth fighting for, even if the person we’re confronting is ourself.


I learned that it’s safe to put aside 20 dreams to focus on just one.


Because those 20, they like family and they ain’t goin’ nowhere.


But that one dream we pay attention to and nurture, 


that dream, 


it can take us anywhere we want to go. 


It can even take us back to the other dreams to make those happen too.


I also learned that it’s wise to suit up as we carry our dreams to the finish line, to protect ourselves from naysayers, 


from those words that work against us, 


those words that make us stumble.


You know, on my journey, I thought of you the whole way. 


You’ve been my motivation to get here, to this moment.


Because I know what you’re about and I. See. You.

I see your brown eyes, your black eyes,

I see your blue eyes, your green eyes

I see your coily, curly, wavy and straight hair

I see your fair skin and I see your melanated skin.

And you know what else I see?


I see your dreams and your heart to make a difference in our world.


And my heart fills with joy and awe.


Me and you.


We’re the same.


And I just wanted to say that if I can do it, focus on one dream until it happens, 


bringing what I carried inside my heart out into our world….  


You can too.


Don’t worry about the “how”. (I got you.)


Focus on what you’ll do now.

Because your dreams are worth your full attention.


With so much love,




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