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Ep. 23 The chat about self-worth that changed everything with Lori Fields.

023: The Chat About Self-Worth That Changed Everything With Lori Fields

Welcome to another day on the Focused & Unstoppable Podcast!


Today’s episode is a little special and here’s why…


Back in 2017, I hosted a Podcast called I’m Enough.  

(That podcast no longer exists)

But I kept the episodes in safekeeping. Now the very first episode of the podcast was an interview I had with Lori Fields.


Lori is a licensed clinical social worker, entrepreneur and Mindset & Peak Performance Coach.


So, at the beginning of our interview, I  opened up to her about a feeling of insecurity I had. And her response to that became what I’ll always hold in my heart as the conversation that changed everything.


One of the many life-altering lessons I’ve learned from Lori is how to give myself permission to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true which in essence is to help you make your own dreams come true.


As I’m getting ready for the very first launch of my digital program, the Sweet Focus System (I have a dedicated episode coming up about that), I thought it was fitting to share with you the determining conversation that inspired me to cultivate the respect I have for my dreams today. 


My hope is that what Lori expresses so passionately in this episode, will inspire you to respect your dreams, love your journey and value yourself more than ever before.






I can’t wait to meet you back here next Thursday!

With so much gratitude,



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